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Valor Executive Search

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We are a small intimate boutique search firm that has served markets across North America, including most major metro areas and many remote outskirts.  Our primary home base is Scottsdale, Arizona.


Our team members are passionate about the people-centric nature of organizational match making in the endeavor to help organizations facilitate growth, longterm sustainability and viability.  When our clients flourish, their respective communities flourish along with them. 


We are honored to serve our clients and to be a part of this impactful process.  

Human capital is the core driver of any organization's success.  Therefore, most stakeholders recognize that a winning talent acquisition strategy is foundational to building successful teams and maximizing precious human resources.  
Although most organizations make an effort to prioritize talent acquisition, data is mixed with regard to hiring outcomes and measured success.  Pending the source and the criteria used, somewhere between 20% to 50% of candidate hires are deemed a true success (1).  
This data feedback begs the question"What goes wrong? How do half of all promising hires fail?"
At Valor Executive Search, we have found it more beneficial to analyze the successful minority and ask,"What went right? How did the top 20% echelon rise above circumstances to become champions of their organization?". More importantly, "How do we replicate this winning formula?".  
There are two sides to this formula.  One is extrinsic;  the other intrinsic.  You can probably guess which one is most often over looked or mismatched.
  • Timing (Urgency)
  • Compensation Structure
  • Perks & Benefits
The above is formulaic and can be calibrated according to need.  However, across the board, candidates have drivers and objectives that are much more nuanced and often unstated. 
  • Mission or Purpose
  • Personal Growth
  • Belonging or Identity
  • Structure
  • Adventure
Intrinsic factors are behavioral based. This is where two identical track records will often vary widely and so will organizational fit. 
An expert recruiter respects the bounds set within the extrinsic parameters and can help guide this calibration if needed.  More-so, an expert slueth recruiter will proactively seek out intrinsic fitness that will ultimately differentiate the top 20% echelon.

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We are a boutique executive search firm offering tailored services to scale with the ever changing needs of organizational fluctuations. This often means partnering with internal talent acquisition teams to compliment their efforts.  At other times, this means acting as a stand-alone recruitment arm to conduct full cycle recruitment. 

The cornerstone to our method is to understand each client's priorities and unique nuances. In essence, this helps us to reverse engineer a theoretical "look-alike protege candidate"or ideal target match. Thereafter, we aggressively network and perform direct outreach to best-in-class talent and passive candidates.


In our approach, we strive to demonstrate integrity. We respect each employer's and each candidate's unique needs and sensitivities. 

Valor Executive Search's core areas of expertise include executive search and talent acquisition in the areas of education, technology, early stage companies and product management.  

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A career change can be one of life's most stressful transitions.  

It can also be one of life's most rewarding.  

Valor Executive Search works with executives, technologists and product managers who are in transition or seeking change. 

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