About Valor Executive Search

Since our inception, Valor Executive Search has been committed to adhering to standards of integrity as a trusted advisor and partner.  

Our pledge to our clients is to make every best effort to exhaust their search in order to ensure that the best possible fit is uncovered.  After all, we recognize these decisions will impact an organization's ability to advance for years to come.

Valor Executive Search is flexible.  We offer customizable solutions to supplement the efforts of internal resources.  We also act as full cycle recruitment partner in cases where internal resources may be limited or when searches must be performed on a discreet basis.

Organizations turn to Valor Executive Search to uncover top performing talent and make mission critical introductions which would otherwise go unrealized.  
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Our Management Team

Michele Morrison  |  Managing Director

Michele Morrison is a founding member of Valor Executive Search. Michele spearheaded the education and technology practices as educational clients had a push to evolve technological advances in order to remain competitive in this era of rapidly evolving and instant information.

Michele's most recent focus is the consumer product realm, with an emphasis on Product Management in the digital arena.  This has been a natural progression since building upon expertise within E-Learning.

Michele earned a Bachelors of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Arizona.  Prior to working in recruitment, Michele became seasoned in sales and marketing within commercial real estate. Recruitment was a natural marriage between a background in Psychology and B2B sales and services.

Heather Shepard  |  Director of Recruitment

Heather Shepard is Director of Recruitment and has 18 years of experience within sourcing and recruitment.  Heather's experience includes working internally, with large public corporations, as well as working in niched markets as an external resource.

Heather earned a Bachelors in Communications from Arizona State University.  Heather began her career as a recruiter with a Fortune 500 company in Chicago, Illinois and has since gained industry knowledge within education, finance and telecommunications.