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Valor Executive Search

Valor's mission is to help companies create enduring value by placing the right leaders in the right roles.  


We partner with our clients to clearly define objectives and expectations.  Then, we go to work to search beyond the obvious in order to produce exceptional leadership candidates - candidates whom are typically too busy within their own career to answer job postings.


Just a few components of Valor's search efforts include:


  • Employer discovery procedures

  • Metric building for objective criteria

  • Aggressive "head hunting" via personal out reach

  • Broad network out reach 

  • Candidate interviews

  • Background screening & reference checking

  • Personality assessments 

  • Formulation of recommendations

  • Assist with employment contract & salary negotiations

Due to pressure from key operational voids, organizations can feel pressure to hire the first suitable candidate.  Valor Executive Search strives to efficiently exhaust a search and we encourage our partner clients to allow the time necessary to ensure completion of this process, even though it means additional work on our end.  


Impactful leadership hires are our goal and we know that is what brings our client partners continuously back.

We don't just source talent.  In essence, Valor acts at a PR arm to help companies remain competitive in attracting the most sought after executives. 
-Michele Morrison, Managing Director
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Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

Valor has recruitment professionals niched within the education sector who are situated to efficiently locate leadership talent. 

The for-profit education sector is rapidly evolving.  New regulations and challenges increasingly affect this industry.  Nonprofit education sectors are equally affected by changes with governmental authority. 

Valor’'s recruitment professionals have successfully placed key level management within the for-profit and nonprofit education sectors and we understand the nuances of each educational requirement.


While technology covers a vast array of specialties Valor Executive Search initially became emerged in the digital arena within educational technology, this growth swiftly moved into other sectors including SaaS, cloud solutions, big data and digital media.

Generally we work with Director level and above management, but due to great demand our searches have included independent contributors such as software engineers and advanced programmers.

Product Management

Product Management requires a broad skill set.  It calls for an ownership mindset with the ability to carry out a product's vision, manage resources and to be the voice of the consumer.  


Adding further complexity to product management roles, is the challenge of obtaining cross functional buy in. This buy in often must be obtained without having direct supervisory or budgetary authority.  High EQ is paramount. 

Given this unique combination of skills, Valor Executive Search recognizes both the need and the value this leadership brings to an organization. We have prioritized this for a key area of focus within our practice.

Start Up | Emerging Companies

Start up ventures require a unique set of leadership skills.  Our recruiters are adapt at sourcing and locating talent with a higher risk/reward threshold and the ability to navigate uncertainty.  

Valor Executive Search works with venture partners, boards and equity groups to implement a search and selection process that ensures a solid leadership foundation for growth. 

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