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Valor Executive Search


Valor's mission is to help organizations create enduring value by assisting organizations to place the right talent into the right roles.


We partner with our clients to understand their objectives, values and expectations.  Then, we go to work to search beyond the obvious in order to procure exceptional candidates.  These top performers are typically working at maximum capacity within their current organizations. Thus, such scenarios require aggressuve proactive outreach to facilitate a successful introduction.


Just a few components of Valor's search efforts include:


  • Employer discovery procedures

  • Analytics and benchmarking

  • Multi-touchpoint targeted outreach

  • Broad network outreach 

  • Candidate interviews

  • Background screening & reference checking

  • Personality assessments 

  • Formulation of recommendations

  • Assistance with employment contract & salary negotiations

Due to pressure from key operational voids, organizations can feel burdensome pressure to hire "immediately".  Valor Executive Search strives to efficiently and rapidly exhaust each search.  This is accomplished, in part, through the effective use of technology, data harvesting, and in part through grassroots word-of-mouth efforts and traditional networking. 

We don't just source talent.  In essence, Valor acts as a "public relations arm" to help provide organizations with a competitive edge with regard to candidate engagement and job requisition visibility.
Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

Valor Executive Search was initially founded as a search firm specific to education and academia and grew from this origin. 

Our recruitment professionals have successfully placed key executives and academics within various sectors of education, from PhD programs in healthcare, to automotive trade schools. 


Valor Executive Search initially became immersed in tech recruitment through the natural segue of education. Edtech and related SaaS are ripe for opportunity and growth.  Competition for talent in these areas is fierce and we have greatly enjoyed rising to this challenge.

Start Up | Emerging Companies

Our recruiters are adapt at sourcing and locating talent with a higher risk/reward threshold and the ability to navigate uncertainty.  

Valor Executive Search works with venture partners, boards and equity groups to implement a search and selection process that ensures a solid leadership foundation for growth. 

talent acquistion team.jpeg
Product Management

Product Management roles are now mainstreamed in the tech sector, but we were recruiting product leadership roles dating back to the times in which these titles were not quite so commonplace.  

These roles require dynamic and tenacious leadership, along with unwavering commitment and the ability to wear ten hats.  These searches are rewarding due to the great variety of challenges and outstanding pace.  

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